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Welcome to Cozmaciuc, Puiu & Oprea!
With more than great physical reach, our firm is an enterprise of outstanding capabilities, sharp intellects, unyielding integrity and a remarkable desire to understand and serve our clients. Our strength comes from a well cultivated and keen sense of business.

If we speak about finance and real estate law services with the best business profit for the clients, then Cozmaciuc, Puiu & Oprea is the winning team of lawyers. We take pride in our outstanding knowledge, skills and experience, and the values we share give us all we need to fulfill our commitments to our clients, our people, and ourselves.
What we stand for
We are client-business focused and we help clients maximize their business opportunities. Our governing principles are service, clear direction, wealth creation and exceeded client expectations.

Strategic and forward-thinking, responsive and results-oriented

Each client business is handled by lawyers specialized in banking-finance, real-estate or corporate law, according to the needs of the client, this allowing us to provide the highest level of legal representation and services.